Papardelle Pasta Company


Marisolio is proud to carry a large line of superb artisinal pastas made by the Pappardelle Pasta Company of Denver, CO.  These products are made with extreme care and attention, by hand in small batches. It takes each pasta maker over a year to hone their skills to the level required by the company to become a master dough maker.

I thought you might be interested to hear a little bit about the Pappardelle company and learn what sets it apart.  The following information was taken from the Pappardelle website:

David Bowen and Bill Curtis founded Pappardelle’s in Denver on May 14, 1984. Their vision? Exquisite, fresh pasta in an array of flavors never before experienced by Americans. At that time, pasta in the United States was generally limited to the one basic flavor: plain.

After extensive research they decided that the only way to ensure that their pasta creations would be of the highest quality was to recreate the traditional Italian pasta making methods: fresh, high-quality ingredients and small batches. And, because they lacked production equipment of any size, the early batches were almost entirely made by hand. They started with just these six flavors: egg, spinach, cracked pepper, garlic parsley, lemon pepper and tomato basil. They arrived for work each day at 3 a.m. to have enough time to create orders for fresh-flavored pastas to be delivered that same day in Bill’s 1976 beat-up red Chevy Malibu.

As more chefs realized they could get very high quality pasta in small batches and in flavors never before imagined, the company’s requests for more flavors expanded (and so, of course, did its recipe collection). The company quickly developed a strong local reputation for quality, innovation and customer service. Word spread quickly through the gourmet world and they soon started to hear from chefs across the country who were intrigued by this little Denver pasta purveyor with its unique pasta assortment.


The company’s  belief is that their handmade touch, together with superior recipes and ingredients and their intense focus on every detail of the production process, is what sets them apart. This was their founders’ core vision in 1984 and remains their guiding principle today.

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