Vermont Maple Balsamic Condimento

maple glazed pork chop

Have I ever got some great ideas for you today!  Many of you have purchased, and love, our Vermont Maple Balsamic Condimento.  When one thinks of a balsamic, maple flavored may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but this product is one of our best sellers for a good reason–It tastes great on many things!  Made with real maple syrup and at only 50 calories a tablespoon, it is a flavor enhancer that will add lots of good taste to many types of dishes.

One of my favorite easy dinners is to pan sear a few boneless pork chops, simply seasoned with salt and pepper.  A Marisolio extra virgin olive oil definitely comes into play during that searing process, and any number of our oils would work beautifully.  Just as I am finishing the cooking process, I add a tablespoon or so of our Vermont Maple Syrup to the pan, drizzling it liberally over each pork chop.  Let the balsamic cook down slightly, remove the chops to a serving platter and serve.  You can certainly offer more Vermont Maple Balsamic at the table for additional flavor.

sweet potatoes with maple syrupEveryone has a favorite sweet potato casserole they enjoy making during the holidays.  For an additional kick of flavor, I suggest adding a tablespoon or more of our Vermont Maple Balsamic to your sweet potato mixture before baking.  You will love the subtle sweet flavor of the maple.

sweet potato friesIs your family more into the casual side dish of sweet potato fries?  Try dipping your fries into a little cup of Vermont Maple Balsamic.  Fries never tasted so good, and you will never miss the catchup!

sweet potato pancakesCall me crazy, but I have tried this and can tell you it’s true:  a drizzle of Vermont Maple Balsamic over your pancakes is a real treat.  Comparing the calorie count to regular maple syrup,  it is a calorie watchers dream condiment!


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