On Sale In March

This month Marisolio is pleased to offer some of our most popular products on sale during March for 10% off the regular price.  This month’s discounted items are one of our best sale offerings to date.  Do check out our website (www.marisolio.com) for recipes which feature these products.  Stop by the shop at 488 Main Street, Murphys, to stock up, or if you prefer, order online (www.marisolio.com) or by phone 209-728-8853.

lemongrass Lemongrass Mint Balsamic–great with fish and chicken or in your Asian inspired cooking.jalapeno

Jalapeno Balsamic–incredible in salsa or guacamole.  A splash of this adds zip to many recipes.


Garlic Infused Olive Oil–our perennial best seller.  Perfect for sauteing or bread dipping.  Wonderful in marinades or drizzled over pasta.


Butter Olive Oil–If you haven’t tried this, you are missing out on an amazing flavor.  All natural, dairy free, this olive oil is fantastic used for all purpose sauteing, on popcorn, or in any other dishes as an alternative to butter.


Milanese Gremolata–a classic Italian condiment or relish made of lemon zest, minced garlic, flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint.  This oil will add the most delicious flavor to fish, or any slow braised dishes such as osso buco.


Ultra Premium Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil–This super early harvest Hojiblanca is unbelievably aromatic and complex, with notes of green banana, apple and stone fruit mingled with green floral and grassy flavors.  One of our most popular varietal oils.  This terrific oil won the coveted “Best of Class” award at the New York Olive Oil Competition.


About Marisolio Tasting Bar

We specialize in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars
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