Summer Grilling Class

summer grilling

Take advantage of the upcoming summer months by gathering the family around the backyard barbeque. Join our Marisolio chefs and learn how to make grilled beef salad, steak with cilantro almond chutney, perfect veggie kabobs and more!

Class is scheduled for Tuesday, May 27.  We will offer a morning session at 10:00 AM and an evening session at 6:00 PM.  Class fee is $30, with a $5 discount if you “bring a friend”.  You will not leave hungry, and will have a great time.  Call the shop at (209) 728-8853 to register by phone and reserve your space.

As Summer approaches, here are some no-fail tips from Robyn “Grill Grrrl” Medlin Lindars to remember as you pull your grill out of hibernation and embrace cooking outdoors.

1)      Start with a clean grill: Removing remnants of last night’s dinner and thoroughly cleaning your grill will decrease the chance of flare ups and over-charring food. Using a grill brush, thoroughly clean the grates and remove food remnants. Empty drip pans and ash catchers to start with a clean slate!

2)      Apply non-stick spray or a light coat of olive oil on the grates before turning on the grill: a well-oiled surface will keep food from sticking!

3)      Use a meat thermometer and take the guess work out. Using a thermometer will make you less likely to OVERCOOK your meat and will give you the courage to go ahead and pull it off the grill!! No more serving “rubber chicken!”

4)      Don’t puncture or “press” on the meat. We’ve all seen people on the grill “flattening” burgers with a spatula- don’t do it! This squeezes all the juices out and dries out the meat.

5)      Don’t micro-manage the meat. There is only need to flip one time per side to get optimal char marks. No need for constant flipping. Also, opening the grill up too often lets the heat out! Remember – “if you’re lookin’, it’s not cookin!”

6)      Food will continue to cook after it is taken off the grill. Therefore, take it off a few minutes before it reaches the desired doneness.

7)      Let the meat “rest.” When you take the meat off the grill, “tent” it in aluminum foil and let it rest for 5 minutes. This will let the juices in the meat redistribute for optimal moistness.

8)      Go fresh! Use what is fresh and available at your local farmers market. Using what’s in season encourages fun and creativity on or off the grill.

9)   Gear up. Invest in a good pair of tongs to flip the meat and veggies. Tongs are much easier to use than a spatula as the food can’t slide around and fall through the grates as it does with a spatula.

10)   Think of your grill less like a grill and more like an outdoor oven. Don’t limit yourself to meat only. The grill adds wonderful flavor to veggies, starches and even fruit. Grilled pineapple and poundcake make a wonderful dessert on the grill!



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