Rancho Marisol Olive Oils Now Available

Olive OIl 2

Marisolio is so excited to announce the release of newly pressed olive oil from Rancho Marisol.  These oils are produced at Mary Lou’s ranch in Copperopolis, right here in Calaveras County.  If you have been wanting to try some local olive oils, this is your opportunity to indulge.

The oils we will have available are California Kalamata, Arbequina, Leccino and Frantoio.  The supply is extremely limited due to the areas current drought conditions.  The good news is, the oils, which have been tested, have a very high polyphenol count, which contributes to a healthy immune system due to beneficial antioxidant properties.  Our distributor, Veronica Foods, describes the oils:  “As we suspected, the polyphenols are extraordinarily high at 596, 557, 338 and 668! Very few oils in the world contain such considerable amounts. Enjoy!”

   These oils are very robust in nature and have a peppery taste in the back of the throat, which might produce a cough at first taste. This is a good thing. It tells you these oils are the freshest and healthiest oils you can find anywhere. When mixed with a great balsamic condimento from Marisolio, these oils will be the basis for the best salad dressings or marinades you could possibly dream up.

About Marisolio Tasting Bar

We specialize in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars
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