Joyce Chen Tools

joyce chen spider

Marisolio is offering two new cooking tools, that in particular, will be an aid to you in making some Asian inspired foods (but certainly not limited to that cuisine).  We made use of both these items with great success, in our recent Lunar New Year Feast Cooking Class.  Both of the implements we are offering for sale are made by Joyce Chen, renowned Asian Chef.  Joyce Chen was a Chinese chef, restauranteur, author, television personality, and entrepreneur.  She is credited with popularizing Northern Chinese style cooking in the US, and developed a line of Chinese cookware.

The first tool, in the photo above is simply called a “strainer”, also referred to as a “spider”.  Very versatile, it can be sued for scooping foods out of hot oil, boiling water or broth.  Lightweight and long handled, it will keep your fingers far away from the source of hot liquid.  It is dishwasher safe, quite sturdy, and rustproof. We are offering it for $7.99.

dumpling press 

Next, we are carrying the Joyce Chen “Dumpling Press”.  This little gadget makes shaping Chinese dumplings a cinch, but has other uses as well.  You will never struggle shaping small turnover style appetizers again!  It can be used for making Empanadas, Kreplachs, Piroshki, Raviolis and Pasties.  It is made of non-stick plastic and is dishwasher safe.  We offer the Dumpling Press for $4.99.

Stop by the shop to have a look!  We are at 488 Main Street, Murphys.


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