Introducing Mary Lou Schuster


Marisolio is proud to introduce you to the remarkable woman who made it all happen five years ago this month.  The month long celebration of our five year anniversary would not be complete without some words regarding this awesome lady.  Mary Lou Schuster is the owner of Marisolio, the best olive oil and balsamic shop you will ever experience.   Mary Lou retired from a long career of teaching Spanish and reinvented herself as an olive rancher.  Never one to remain idle for long, she bought land in Calaveras County and planted 40 acres of olive trees, and began producing her own olive oil under the label “Rancho Marisol”.   After a few years of marketing her own oil, she decided to fulfill a life long dream and open her own olive oil shop.

Murphys, CA is the lucky town in which she ended up opening up her shop, Marisolio Tasting Bar.  She opened the doors March 24, 2010, with a staff of five, at 488 Main Street, Murphys.  There was a bit of trial and error in mastering the learning curve of a new POS system, designing shop policies and procedures, acquiring the required health and safety  certifications, and training staff, but in no time the shop was up and running and becoming remarkably successful.

The past five years have seen Marisolio grow and thrive.  The shop now offers over 30 olive oils, over 30 balsamic vinegars, artisan pastas, assorted olives from three different vendors, fine Italian olive oil bath and body products, hand crafted embroidered kitchen towels, fine local mustards, and a great selection of dips and tapenade spreads.  Most exciting, under Mary Lou’s direction the shop underwent some renovation two years ago and now is able to offer cooking classes twice a month.  The classes are very popular and demonstrate to our customers many creative ways to use our products in their own cooking.

Mary Lou’s beliefs are both simple and strong:  excellent products, superb customer service, and respect for everyone she employs.  A most generous woman, she has from the beginning shared her wisdom, her love of food and even her profits with staff, customers, and the community.  Mary Lou has been an inspiration to every one of us who knows her.  Her standards are high and uncompromising, and she is dedicated to making each day, each personal interaction, and each customer transaction as warm and heartfelt as can be.  All of us here at Marisolio are deeply appreciative to be a part of Mary Lou’s business and to consider her a friend.

And when it comes time for each of us on the staff to ponder our own retirement, it will be an opportunity to reflect not upon our past experiences, but focusing on what new accomplishments and joys the future may bring.  Thank you Mary Lou, for all that you do and are.


About Marisolio Tasting Bar

We specialize in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars
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