How To Use April’s Sale Products

lavender balsamic

If you are wondering how to use this month’s sale products from Marisolio, look no further.  We have plenty of suggestions to make using these remarkable products an even more delicious experience for you.

Lavender Dark  Balsamic will make you imagine the open fields of a Provence landscape.  This balsamic is wonderful brushed over just about any grilled meat or vegetable.  You can also reduce it slightly and use the reduction as a topping for garlic mashed potatoes.

Lemongrass Mint White Balsamic is a natural choice for all your Thai stir fries.  It also is a wonderful flavoring over grilled fish, and as a dipping sauce for Spring Rolls.  I love it with a bit of Roasted Sesame Oil as a dressing over Chinese Chicken Salad.

Strawberry Dark Balsamic is what I reach for when I am dressing most of my summer salads.  I love to add some sliced strawberries and slivered almonds to my green salads, and a dressing made with 2 T. Marisolio Eureka Lemon Olive Oil and 1 T. Marisolio Strawbery Balsamic is the easiest thing to use to top it off beautifully.

Athinoelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is hard to pronounce, but easy to use when you want the perfect oil to enhance your recipes.  This olive variety is rather rare, and is only grown in the Peloponnese area of Greece.  It is low in bitterness, and high in fruit.  A lovely medium bodied all purpose extra virgin olive oil.

FS-17 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the choice to make when you want a “Big” olive oil.  This is a very robust oil, with the highest Poly-phenol count in the shop.  Extremely high in anti-oxidant properties.  For bread dipping, or any occasion when you desire your olive oil to stand up and be noticed, this is what you want.

Herbs de Provence Olive Oil is a new oil we recently started carrying.  If you love our best selling Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, think of this as the French version.  Redolent of lavender, rosemary and bay, this oil is sensational over grilled lamb.  I recently used it over little red roasting potatoes and my family is still raving about those crispy, creamy “Frenchified” roasted potatoes.  My house smelled like a French Bistro while those were roasting!

We would love to have you stop by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys to taste these fabulous sale products.  If that is not feasible, you can also order by telephone at (209) 728-8853 or on our website


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We specialize in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars
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