On Sale in May


Marisolio is offering some popular products on sale for the month of May.  With the end of the school year approaching fast, we would like to suggest that a gift of our olive oils and balsamic vinegars would be a wonderful way to show your children’s teachers how much they are appreciated.  A unique gift, sure to stand out and please.  All items listed below are available at a 10% discount all month long.

Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil
Barnea Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Persian Lime Infused Olive Oil

Strawberry Balsamic Condimento
Champagne Wine Vinegar
Dark Chocolate Balsamic Condiemento

All products can be purchased in the shop, located at 488 Main Street, Murphys.  You can also give us a call at (209) 727-8853 or order on the website: www.marisolio.com.

About Marisolio Tasting Bar

We specialize in Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars
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