Hawaiian Pupus Cooking Class


Have we got a fun class scheduled for your enjoyment this month!  Marisolio welcomes Mona Klein to our kitchen to instruct us on how to make a number of delicious “Small Bites” Hawaiian style.  Just what you need next time you plan a luau out by the pool.  Whether you have a pool or not, these recipes are sure to please your family and friends.  Grab your flower lei and puka shell necklace and head on over to the shop on June 28 for this great class.

Call (209) 728-8853 to make your reservation ahead.  Class fee is $40, and we offer two sessions for your convenience:  10 AM to 12 PM, and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  All classes are held at Marisolio, 488 Main St. in Murphys.

Kahlua Marinated Pork Sliders
Sam Choi’s Fried Poke with Tuna
Lettuce Wrapped Lumpia
Trader Vic’s Rumaki
Kona Inn Banana Bread
Mai Tai Punch

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Pineapple Baked Beans


We have a great recipe for a summery side dish to share with you.  Tangy Pineapple Balsamic dresses up slow cooked baked beans in this recipe you can use as a  hearty side dish or even as the main course.  If you have company coming and the temperature is 100+, it’s always nice to have dinner made and a low clean up factor.

Pineapple Baked Beans

1 lb ground beef
1 28 oz can baked beans
3/4 cup pineapple tidbits, drained
1 large onion, diced
1 red pepper, diced
1/2 cup barbecue sauce
1 1/2  T. soy sauce
1 T. Marisolio Golden Pineapple White Balsamic
1 garlic clove, minced
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

In a large skillet, cook beef over medium heat until no longer pink; drain.  Transfer to a 5 quart slow cooker.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or until bubbly.

Marisolio’s Pineapple Balsamic is delightful on your summer salads.  It adds a summery tropical flavor to ordinary salad greens, and is sure to please.  You can stop by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys, or order by phone at (209) 728-8853.  Our website www.marisolio.com makes ordering easy and fast at any time of the day.

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Innovative Father’s Day Gifts Here

fathers day

Do something a little different for Dad this Father’s Day!  Get out of your Neck Tie Rut and try presenting him with one of our amazing olive oils or balsamic vinegars.  Believe us, you will be glad you did.

If you think he could use a bit of spice in his life, we have three chili based oils that will do the trick very nicely.  We have Red Cayenne Olive Oil, smokey Chipotle Olive Oil, and customer favorite- Baklouti Green Chili Olive oil.  Any of these will add a kick to his stir fries, pop corn, scrambled eggs, salsa or guacamole.

We also have a wonderful line of grill seasoning rubs:  Road Kill Grill brings us rubs for poultry, pork, beef, and seafood, and we have four Hot and Spicy Chili rubs in the flavors Sriracha, Chili Lime, Habanero and Chipotle.

Don’t give him another tie that will hang in the closet!  Try one of our delicious products that he is sure to use  and enjoy.

Stop by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys, or order online at www.marisolio.com, or by phone at (209) 728-8853.

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How To Use This Month’s Sale Products

on sale in january

Each month, Marisolio is pleased to offer three olive oils and three balsamics at a reduced price.  Our selections are popular, seasonal and extremely flavorful products that will add loads of taste and distinction to your cooking.  Picking up our monthly sale items is a wonderful way to expand the selection of products in your pantry, as well as to try out new things you may not have considered.  To help you come up with ways to use our flavorful oils and balsamics we like to offer cooking suggestions each month.

Athinoelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  This medium intensity olive oil is very balanced with a peppery finish.  Great for your bread dipping oil or any other time you want the taste of a fruity, low bitterness factor oil to shine.

Wild Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil:  We love to saute garlic and herbs in this oil and drizzle it over fresh cooked pasta for a simple, but divinely flavorful side dish when barbecuing.  Pasta made this way takes no time to prepare and is full of flavor.

Butter Olive Oil:  If you or someone you know is trying to avoid consuming dairy products, you must give this plant based flavored olive oil a try.  All the flavor of butter for your popcorn, saute needs or even baking.  We have customers who can’t be without this oil for their cooking!

 Espresso Balsamic:  With raspberries plentiful at the grocery store and local farmer’s market, you simply must try them drizzled with our Espresso Balsamic.  This is a flavor combination made in heaven for sure.  If you like, spooning it over chocolate or coffee flavored ice cream hits the spot as well.

Sherry Reserva:  Here’s the thing.  Whenever I go to the cupboard for my bottle of Sherry to make my special Sherry Bundt cake, the bottle of Sherry is no where to be found.  My husband claims to have no knowledge of its disappearance, but I suspect otherwise.  Imagine how thrilled I was to learn that whenever a recipe calls for Sherry, you can substitute our Sherry Reserva Vinegar.  Since I switched over to that, my problem disappeared.  Add to your favorite baking recipes or wherever else Sherry is called for.

Aged Ripe Peach White Balsamic:  A perennial summer favorite with our customers, you must stock up on this while we have it on sale.  It is the perfect balsamic to use in your summer salads, and is terrific paired with our Basil Olive Oil.  It is also a surprise ingredient in vodka cocktails!  Add a splash to a mixture of vodka and ginger ale for a delicious summer drink.

Stop by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys for a tasting–always fun and always free.  Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you around and recommend products based on how you like to cook.  You can order by phone at (209) 728-8853 or online at www.marisolio.com.

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All Things Summer: Memories of My Texas Roots Cooking Class


Have we got a fun cooking class planned for you!  There are still a few spaces left in Jennifer Wren Stoicheff’s June 14 class “All Things Summer:  Memories of My Texas Roots”  cooking class.  Popular local chef and caterer, Jennifer returns to Marisolio with this timely class just in time for Barbeque Season.  Her menu is full of down home, easy recipes for your summer entertaining.

Marinated Summer Veggies
Poppy Seed Dressing
Spoon Bread
Mom’s Potato Salad
BBQ Ribs, Texas Style
Peach Cobbler

Give us a call at (209) 728-8853 to reserve a space.  Class fee is $40, and we offer two sessions for your convenience:  10 AM to 12 PM, or 6 PM to 8 PM.  Class will be held at the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys.

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On Sale This Month

sale colorful

Each month Marisolio is pleased to offer some of our most popular products at a reduced price all month long.  For the month of June, we think you will be delighted to see what we have for you at a 10% discount.

Athinoelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Wild Mushroom and Sage Olive Oil
Butter Olive Oil

Dark Espresso Balsamic Condimento
Sherry Reserva Vinegar
Aged Ripe Peach White Balsamic Condimento

Stop by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys for a sampling.  If you can’t visit, do check out our comprehensive website at www.marisolio.com.  You can read recipes, explore our product offerings and order online or by phone at (209) 728-8853.

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New Olives Have Arrived!

new olives

Marisolio is pleased to announce the arrival of a new line of olives to the shop.  After many years of intensive searching, our distributor has found a line of olives that are the high quality they demand.

These olives are from a third generation, family owned and operated Spanish table olive producer that shares our vision for the strictest quality criteria.  Most of the olives in our new line are the rare Gordal olive.  These extra large olives have a low oil content, and have a firm and meaty texture.  The savory flavor is out of this world.  This product is hand picked and stuffed in Spain and always represents the most current crop.

Priced well at $7.50-$8.50 for a 20 oz jar, we think you will love trying these new olives.  You can even use the decorative jar for a vase or other purpose once the olives are consumed!

Stop by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys for a sampling.

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June Cooking Classes at Marisolio

 bbq ribs

Marisolio has two terrific classes in the line up for June.  These classes will provide loads of delicious recipes to amp up your summer entertaining!

On Tuesday June 14, Jennifer Wren-Stoicheff will teach “All Things Summer:  Memories from My Texas Roots”.  Her menu features Barbecued Ribs, Spoon Bread, Peach Cobbler and more.


On Tuesday, June 28, Mona Klein will teach a class on Hawaiian PuPus (Small Bites).  Always my favorite appetizer to order!  We will learn to make Rumaki, Lumpia, Banana Bread and other delicious dishes.

Both classes will have a 10:00 AM session or a 6:00 PM session to choose from.  Class fee is $40 for each class.  Space is limited, so do give us a call at (209) 728-8853 to reserve your space.  All classes to be held at Marisolio, 488 Main Street, Murphys, CA.

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Memorial Day and the Launch of BBQ Season


Are you ready for Barbecue Season?  Let Marisolio help you get BBQ ready with some olive oils and balsamics to make your choice of marinades a snap.

How about some Garlic Olive Oil paired with Lemon White Balsamic to marinate that less expensive chuck steak?  It is an unexpected combination, and with some minced parsley and salt and pepper no one will know your steak is a bargain cut.

You can’t go wrong putting together our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil with our Traditional 18 Year Aged Balsamic.  This classic pairing will not just tenderize your meat, but add a wonderful Italian flavor to it.

Next time you grill chicken, rub the skin with our Milanese Gremolata Olive Oil for a lemony flavor that is out of this world.

With warmer weather, our appetites turn toward lighter fare, such as grilled fish.  Mix up some Roasted Japanese Sesame Oil, Honey Ginger Balsamic, and Soy Sauce for a lovely basting sauce for mahi mahi or salmon.

Don’t forget grilled veggies–try drizzling our Neapolitan Herb Dark Balsamic over grilled eggplant.  The balsamic soaks in and gives the eggplant a fantastic flavor.  Serve hot or at room temperature.

Any time you want to kick the flavor up several degrees, add some of our Baklouti Green Chili Olive Oil to any marinade.  This spark of bright chili goodness will make all your guests ask what you did.

Come by the shop at 488 Main Street in Murphys to taste any of these products.  You can also order by phone at (209) 728-8853 or online at www.marisolio.com.

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Strawberry Pie


It wouldn’t be May without a fresh strawberry pie.  The next time you have a craving for such a thing, give this recipe a try.  At Marisolio, strawberries are our theme for the month of May, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy this fruit in season is in a fresh pie.  Your guests will love this at your next barbecue or spring celebration.

Succulent Strawberry Pie

1 baked 9 inch pie crust
1 quart fresh strawberries, cleaned
1 cup white sugar
2 T. Marisolio Strawberry Balsamic Condimento
3 T. cornstarch
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

Arrange half of the strawberries in the pie crust.  Mash remaining strawberries and combine with sugar and Marisolio Strawberry Balsamic in a medium sauce pan.  Bring to a boil and stir constantly.  In a small bowl, combine the water and cornstarch.  Gradually stir cornstarch mixture into the boiling strawberries.  Reduce heat and simmer until thickened, about 10 minutes, stirring constantly.  Pour over berries in pie shell.  Chill for several hours before serving.  Whip cream until soft peaks form and serve over each serving of pie.

Stop by the shop for a bottle of our delicious Strawberry Balsamic.  It is amazing over fresh berries as well as ice cream.  Your summer pantry shouldn’t be without it!  We are located at 488 Main Street, Murphys, CA.  You can order by phone at (209) 728-8853 or on our website www.marisolio.com.

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